2024-05-14 – EK ThreeD GP Series Chain

Thought I’d put a quick post on about the EK ThreeD GP Series 520 chain I installed on my 2020 Triumph Daytona almost 4 years ago and almost exactly 6,000 track miles later. I’ve only adjusted the chain twice during its time on my bike and it’s been minimal. I don’t do exhaustive maintenance on the chain, I just hit it with some kerosene every ~300 track miles and use the DuPont Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant (purchased on Amazon). Other than hard acceleration, I kind of feel like track chains have it easy compared to those on street bikes–they’re seldom subjected to a lot of road debris, mud puddles, rain, etc. This chain is from a 520 conversion kit on my Daytona and I also put the same chain on my Tuono V4 (half track, half street) about 1.5 years ago and it’s also holding up very well. I use traditional steel sprockets from Driven and SuperLite.

What else do you say about a chain? I went with an O-ring because I don’t want a high maintenance thing, even if it’s worth ~1.5 bhp (there are loads of other things I can fix about myself). My criteria for parts upgrades include: lower maintenance and/or greater reliability, ease of maintenance, etc. This fits the bill in that it’s super reliable and high quality. I suppose it’s a tiny performance benefit in that it’s slightly lighter than the OEM 525 series chain.

I bought the ThreeD chain for both my bikes from SprocketCenter.com and received no discounts or compensation for the quick review.

6,000 track miles on an EK ThreeD chain, no binding links, still looks great, virtually no stretch