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Logistics and Planning

Selecting Track Day Providers
Book Review: John Hopkins Leathered
Managing Your Data
Tips and Logistics – Using Data Acquisition Devices – Part 1

Data Analysis

Using Race Studio 3 Analysis
Comparing Brake Pressure to Braking G Force – or – Reviewing Braking Inputs without Brake Pressure Data
Intro to Data Acquisition – Hardware
My Bike/Data-Sled
Comparing Data – 2 riders, same lap time My Bike/Data-Sled
Motorcycle Lean Angle

Hardware Setup

Track Day Prep
Computer Infrastructure
Intro to Data Acquisition – Hardware
Tips and Logistics – Using Data Acquisition Devices – Part 1
August 2022 Street Triple Project – Adding Analog Brake Pressure
2023-04-08 – AiM Display Setup
2021+ Aprilia Tuono V4 and Data Challenges

Skill Development/Coaching

Data Review and Self-Coaching
20220629 – Comparing Trusted Sources
Coaching or Class?
Riding to the Bike
Stop Messing With Your Stuff!
Do You REALLY want to do this and NOT get hurt?
Trail Braking on the Street
Stop and Go
Pay Attention to Racing, Teams, and Vendors – Make Your Own Life Better
Subjective Progress thus Far (through 2021 end-of-season)
Off-Season Training -or- You Really Should Have a Tiny Bike!
Pinch Hitting – or – Riding Your Alternate Bike
Tracking Progress – 2021 – Part 2
Street Riding and Track Techniques
Tracking Progress – 2021 – Part 1
September 2022 – Sonoma Improvements
2022-10-17 – Private Coaching
Brakes at Turn-in
Using Electronics to Build Yourself
2023-06-28 – Passing Thoughts
2023 Kart Track Training
2023 Riding and Track Progress – End of Season Report

Riding Experiences

Little Bike v Big Bike at The Ridge, August 2022
Thunderhill East, 3-1/2 Years Later
Comparing Big Bikes to Little Bikes
Private Track Days vs Regular Track Days
Track Day Prep
2022-04-28 Catch Up
2022-03-07 Sonoma Raceway, Ninja 400, Z2, 2nd outing
Riding a Slow Bike, First 2022 Outing (Feb 19-20, Sonoma Raceway, Pacific Track Time)
Review (unsolicited, not compensated) – Track Time at The Ridge, September 5-6, 2021
2022 Thunderhill East Progress
2023 – Used vs Fresh Tire Data
2023-06-19 – Track Time at The Ridge, pre-MotoAmerica Round
2023-08-25 Riding Season Update
2023-10-16 – Laguna Seca
2023-10-28&29 – Buttonwillow 13


The Daytona is Back! – 2022 Update
Another Dedicated Track Bike
Brake Maintenance
My Bike/Data-Sled
Tuono V4 Factory
Tuono V4 Factory – AiM Integration
2023 Daytona Update
Late 2023 Daytona Problem
2022 Aprilia Tuono V4 Factory – 1 year later