2023-02-01 Aprilia Tuono V4 Update

I’ve got my first track dates scheduled at Buttonwillow on 2/9-2/10. Since the Daytona is still with MC Tech for its tune and suspension upgrade, I’ll be bringing my Ninja 400 and the Tuono.

When I bought the Tuono, I was hoping the existing RSV4 AiM ECU profile would work the same as it does for the previous generation bikes (2017-2019) however several channels weren’t there. I did add the MIA Aprilia Bluetooth module and paired it with my iPhone and the Aprilia app so I could see that the channels were there, they just needed to be decoded. I’d also tried out the RS660 (Trofeo 660) profile and some of the missing channels were there and were capturing data. I had reached out to a couple of places for it, including AiM early on. A couple of days ago AiM got back to me with a test profile to try out so I reconfigured my Solo 2 DL with the test protocol and took the bike for a 20 minute ride while attempting to trigger some of the systems (ABS, traction control, wheelie control, etc.). I also have my S2DL set up with a SmartyCam 3 Sport so that recorded data as well and while the glare in the video made it difficult to see the TC/WC light, if you look for it you can see that it correlates with the torque red (power reduction) in the data.

When I returned I was very pleasantly surprised to have seemingly accurate brake pressure data (which was missing before), torque red (which shows power cuts due to TC/WC), gear position, hand throttle position, wheel slip, and several other useful channels. There are still some things I’d like to see that aren’t there but the core stuff is, including when the front brake and rear brake are used (brake ‘switch’). There is a ‘glitch’ in the data stream, and it happens in the Aprilia app too–there are periodic blips in the brake pressure when there isn’t any actual brake being applied. I don’t see this as a major issue though as it’s pretty easy to see actual brake application in the data. Just a minor thing, I’ve noticed that the Tuono does not use traditional brake switches but must trigger the tail light off of brake pressure to the front and rear brakes independently. It’s kind of a different way of doing it. Next time I see my friend’s Panigale V4S I’ll have to see if the Ducatis do it that way too now.

The sum of it is that it took a few months and I had to provide a lot of data, but AiM did a great job getting me some very useful channels for reviewing my riding data to work on improvements. There may be some additional tweaking necessary but I can go to Buttonwillow in a week’s time and capture a lot of helpful stuff with just a Solo 2 DL and a SmartyCam.

Key data channels: GPS speed, gear, throttle, brake pressure, power reduction (also interpret as TC/WC intervention).