Little Bike v Big Bike at The Ridge, August 2022

I got to spend a couple more days at The Ridge early this week. While I’m nowhere as familiar with it as I am my local tracks, I’m getting more comfortable each time. This last trip up I rode my 400 in the mornings and the Daytona in the afternoon sessions. It was kind of fun to compare data between the two.

While I don’t have my end of acceleration/start of braking figured out quite yet (which is especially obvious on the D765 in red with the rounded peaks, representing me rolling out of the throttle slowly), I was able to start building a degree of consistency in the slow points. Also interesting to note is that on the small bike the slow point is marginally earlier on a few corners, these are ones that are pretty tight and acceleration out makes a difference.

I’m headed back in a couple of weeks with some specific goals and hope to make the acceleration areas more pointy.

Special thanks to Ken Hill for his infinite wisdom in helping me figure out this stuff and Track Time for a really safe and fun riding environment. It makes riding around in circles on a motorcycle more fun than ever.