Motorcycle Data

One of the most useful resources for getting my head around the physics of studying motorcycle data was Andrew Trevitt’s site,

I use AiM equipment and they have a comprehensive library of resources on their YouTube channel.


Over the past ~20 years, I’ve worked with most of the major US-based coaching programs, including Jason Pridmore’s STAR School, Reg Pridmore’s CLASS School, California Superbike School (CSS), Yamaha Champ School (YCRS), and a handful of private coaches. I think there’s great value early on in doing schools but as you become more accomplished, private coaching is priceless. Select your coach carefully, make sure that they understand where you are at, what you’re looking to accomplish, and will know how to get you there. I’ve worked extensively with Ken Hill and his coaches and their methodology is logical for me and fits with my style of learning. I’m fortunate to be at a point in my life where I can afford to do this and am receptive to it. The biggest challenge for me now is coordinating time with them. None of this happens overnight so be realistic with your expectations.

Track Day Providers

I’ve ridden with nearly all of the Northern California providers, a couple of the Southern California providers, one in the Pacific Northwest, and a couple of private track days. There are general things I like about each of them, some things aren’t great. The quality of riding and control riders varies with each of them and often times seems to change year to year. I’m happy to share my experience over a beer.

Reading/Videos/Other Learning

  • Autocross and Car Driving on Big Tracks
  • Mini-Moto on kart tracks – inexpensive hardware, cheap admission, low-risk, HUGE fun!
  • Dirt stuff – mountain bikes on single track trails, dirt bikes – both of these can help fitness, getting a feel for traction limits, working on precision, etc.
  • Parking lot drills – bring your big bike, do braking drills, practice threshold braking; bring a mini-moto and some cones
  • Reading – MotoGP Performance Riding Techniques, Twist of the Wrist, volumes 1 & 2, Sport Riding Techniques
  • Video – Alberto Naska, Ken Hill, ChampU (extension of YCRS), Sylvain Guintoli, Life at Lean
  • Audio – Ken Hill Podcasts (Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, YouTube)

Vendors and Dealers

  • P&M Motorcycles in Petaluma, California for routine service, wheel/tire mount/balance, consumables
  • Marin Speed Shop in San Rafael, California for dealer service, OEM parts, etc.
  • Wicked Racing in Pennsylvania for many parts, including AiM hardware, Woodcraft, Armour Bodies, Bell helmet, airbag vest, etc.
  • CT RaceTire for Pirelli tires
  • Carters @ The Track, Z2 Track Days, Pacific Track Time, Fun Track Dayz, TrackTime, TrackDaz for track day providers
  • American Federation of Motorcyclists (AFM) for Northern California club racing

Tracks I Ride

  • Sonoma Raceway (a.k.a. Sears Point, Infineon, etc.)
  • Laguna Seca (a.k.a. Weather Tech)
  • Thunderhill East
  • Thunderhill West
  • Buttonwillow Raceway
  • The Ridge Motorsports Park
  • Chuckwalla Valley Raceway
  • S.I.M. kart track (Sonoma, CA)
  • Kinsman kart track (Dixon, CA)
  • Little 99 (Stockton, CA)