2022 Aprilia Tuono, 1 year later

I bought my 2022 Tuono V4 Factory (Euro 5) nearly a year ago, trading in my beloved 2017 Street Triple RS toward it. Some of the details during my 11+ months of ownership to follow. I bought the Factory version because I wanted the electronic semi-active suspension. I’d become enamored with the electronic suspension on … Read more

Late 2023 Daytona Problem

During the last few track days in riding the 2020 Daytona 765 moto2, I was having trouble getting the bike to start, both cold and warm. When it finally started, it sounded like it was missing a cylinder for the first 30 seconds or so and I thought I was seeing a tinge of white … Read more

Kart Track Training

It’s been over a year since I took the Ninja 400 to a kart track and that was a big oversight. The winter of 2021-2022 California had a bunch of sunny days over the winter (too many, enough that it put the summer of 2022 into a super-dry situation). On the positive side, over the … Read more